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Six Deadly Sins of Moving Day

June 30, 2019

Hannah Leung from lays out the six steps you cannot skip or forget on moving day as explained by a 30-year veteran of the moving industry, Karen Tooley.

Don’t skip the final walk-through after everything is loaded

Tooley recommends a final walk-through of your old home before the movers leave because it can be expensive to have items shipped that were left behind.

Carefully Check the Moving Inventory

This document is proof that items that were packs from your house made it on the local moving truck.

Keep Necessities with You

Once the truck is loaded, you will not be able to get your items. “As a general rule, if you use it daily, bring it.”

Don’t have Kids or Pets at Home during the Move

If you have no one to watch your children or pets then designate an area of the home where they can be safe and out of the way.

Don’t Let Movers Transport Precious Goods

Although you may have most of your items insured, you should transport the belongings most precious to you.

Treat Your Movers with Respect

“Nothing changes the likelihood your move won’t go well than treating your movers badly.”