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The Essential Supplies You’ll Need When Moving to Your New Home

June 27, 2018

It’s always an exciting time moving to a new home.

You get a new neighborhood to explore, your kids have a new school to attend, and maybe you have a new job that you’re eager to get started.

You just have to get through the stressful part about moving, which is physically moving.

One factor that seems to make the task less stressful is having the right moving supplies and tools at the ready.

Here are some of the essentials you’ll undoubtedly need during your big move!

Boxes and more boxes

These are obvious supplies to procure when planning to move because how else will you carry all of your belongings?

  • Try to obtainmoving boxes of various sizes and remember that heavy items should be packed in the smallest box possible to prevent wiggle room or an uneven distribution of weight.

On the other hand, feel free to put lightweight items in larger boxes.

  • If you pack these items accordingly, you will also have an easier time carrying them to the moving truck.

Used boxes are usually available at grocery stores and it wouldn’t hurt to talk to a manager about keeping some boxes aside for you after their next big shipment. An alternative to cardboard boxes would be to invest in plastic totes if you’d like some extra durability or if you plan on using them for future storage.

Labels for that mountain of moving boxes

There are a couple of different options for organizing your boxes, but we can all agree that not labeling them is not one of them.

Some people find that assigning certain colored sharpies to specific rooms saves time and makes the move easier because like-labeled boxes go together. In some cases, a marker is hard to see on a cardboard box, so it would hurt to get stickers to make them really stand out and eliminate any guesswork.

No matter what method you choose to implement,labeling your moving boxes is a must!

Create a master to-do list

Making a list of your moving tasks will prove to be one of the most essential tools you could have when moving to a new home.

  • It will keep your home and your mind organized during the daunting moving process.
  • You can cross off the tasks as you complete them and also see what still needs to be done.

No more worrying about if you changed your mailing address or if you forgot to pack your child’s favorite stuffed animal. Everything can easily be accounted for thanks to the master to-do list!

Take advantage of moving supplies you already own like towels, clothing, and bags

You are packing up the entirety of your belongings anyway, so why couldn’t some of your soft items double as packing materials? Especially if you’re moving on a budget, these items could act as cushioning and protection to your fragile belongings or expensive electronics.

  • Wrap your breakables in these items or use them to fill the empty space in boxes in order to keep their contents from moving when on the move.

Bags can prove to be very beneficial in the moving process as long as you remember to use them! Hold your cables, cords, and remotes in Ziploc bags and keep your hanging clothes together with garbage bags.

Then we have the stockpile of grocery bags you’ve saved for such an occasion. You could use these bags just as you would use newspaper to wrap more delicate items. They also come in handy when you want to add an extra layer of protection when packing your bathroom products like shampoos and soaps.

Don’t forget the packing tape, peanuts, paper, etc.

These items are not to be skipped over when planning for a move because they will not only make your packing easier, but they’ll save your belongings from some serious damage.

So put some tape on those mirrors, pour that bag of packing peanuts into your fragile-item boxes, and prepare for a safe move.

Enlist some help!

Some of the most essential tools to utilize when moving to a new home are extra hands!

Call on your family, friends, and neighbors to help out with organizing and packing because two heads are better than one and some helping hands are always appreciated.

  • If you have a packing system in place and a labeling method, then all of your helpers will know exactly what to pack and where your boxes go in your new house.

At Highland Moving, we might know a couple more people ready to help you during your move.

Our team of professionals has the expertise and supplies necessary to not only pack your belongings, but transport your items safely and securely to your new place as well.

Call on us for help with your upcoming local or long distance move, and you can rest assured that your move will be stress-free. Contact us to learn more about our moving services in the Greater Vancouver area.