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Tips for Packing Your Garage

November 21, 2017

If you’re planning a move in the coming weeks or months, there’s a lot on your mind, and you may not have a strategy yet for tackling one of the trickiest rooms to pack: the garage.

The garage is often the last room packed in any move, and homeowners typically put it off for many reasons. It may contain years’ worth of junk in various boxes, things like tools, and large items like seasonal sporting gear that can be a nightmare to pack.

Here are some tips on how to best pack your garage so that you feel less overwhelmed during the uprooting process.

Step One: Sort

Huffington Post says the best place to start is by setting aside a sunny weekend and pulling everything out of the garage and sorting it into piles based on what you have in storage. If there are any old boxes of papers you don’t need anymore, broken appliances, and helmets from when your kids were five years old, dump them. If you have tons of miscellaneous items, you might want to consider hiring a dumpster service to get rid of everything, but if you’re like most people, a trip or two to the dump should do.

Once you have all the junk tossed out, sort items into the following categories: seasonal, tools, toys, garage sale, and other. Out of the tool pile, take out anything that you might need when you first arrive to your new home, including your tool bag with things like screwdrivers, hammers, levels and drills, and anything else that might come in handy.

Set those items aside, and consider bringing them with you on the move, instead of packing them away. That way, you won’t waste any time searching through boxes to find your handy box cutter, which you will be using often during your move.

Step Two: Sell

Along with anything you found inside your home that you’re ready to part with, hold a garage sale and let your neighbors pick through your items. Angie’s List says you might be surprised at what people want to buy! This is a great way to get rid of old toys, bikes, yard games, and anything else your kids may have outgrown; you could always donate them to a charity center, but this way you get a little cash in your pocket.

Advertise on Facebook and put up a few signs in the area. Remember: word of mouth travels. Once you’re done, donate or toss the remaining items, and get back to the packing!

Step Three: Seasonal Items

Be careful when it comes to packing seasonal items, like sporting equipment, and winter items like shovels and snow blowers. Consult your local hardware store if you’re not sure how best to transport your lawnmower and snow blower; your Vancouver BC moving company might also be able to help. You probably don’t need to “pack” those items, but you might need to empty out the gas tanks in order to make them safer to move.

As for the oddly-shaped items in the garage, like your treasured kayak, wrap them up with bubble wrap or paper, and label them clearly so that the movers know that the package is both heavy and unwieldy.

Use blankets tied together with strings to transport items like garden shears, rakes, and more. If you have the original box for your drill or your chainsaw, place those items tightly in their original packaging.

The Moving Blog says to consult your movers about packing your bike: you can actually obtain a bike-storage-box to pack your bike away safely.

As for patio furniture, organize these larger items into more manageable piles, and clearly label the bags of screws and washers so they are easy to find when you unpack everything.

Step Four: Skip These Things

You cannot and should not pack up propane tanks, charcoal, and any other fluids or chemicals that are combustible, according to Huffington Post. Angie’s List says to skip items like paint cans, fertilizer, cleaning supplies, and aerosol cans. Leave them in the garage in a safe place, and ask your movers to advise you on how best to transport those items. It may be easier to dispose of them at a hazardous waste removal location, and start anew at your new home.

Step Five: Stay Focused

As long as you map out a plan of attack, your garage pack will go smoothly; use these tips and remember that Highland Worldwide is here to help if you’re simply too overwhelmed to pack everything yourself. Click here to learn more about our packing and crating services, or give us a call today at 604-581-2300 if you’re interested in a moving quote!