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Top 3 Reasons Professional Movers Are A Better Option Than Your Friends

August 21, 2019

Unless you are the type of person who moves often, then you have lived in your current residence for a long time. This usually means you have accumulated a lot of things since you have lived there and that moving all your items to the new place requires help from many hands.

If you are now moving into a new home, you want to find the easiest way possible to transport your items into the new place.

As a “money saving” idea or a way to get the move done quicker, you might think recruiting your friends is the answer to all your moving woes, but we are here to tell you, friendships have been tested and even lost after being asked to move… and below here’s why!

If You Love Them, Don’t Ask Them

Let’s face it; the moving day is never a walk in the park. Aside from everything that comes with the physical moving process, there are always unforeseen complications.

Situations arise like “will the couch fit?” or “whose vehicle can we use to put stuff in?” Then tempers flare and before too long, everyone becomes exasperated and unhappy. The rest of the time is awkward.

You Can’t Handle The Truth

Sure, your buddies may think that they know you better than anyone else. Then that fateful day comes when you move and they come across your Michael Bublé collection, and they will never look at you the same way again. The jokes might not ever cease and then you will become a hermit.

You Break It, You Bought It

Everyone has that prized possession that they covet more than life itself. For guys, it’s probably a signed jersey of their favorite football player that has been framed or that rare Star Wars figurine of Boba Fett that has never seen the outside of the package. For the ladies, a signed N’SYNC poster from their childhood or Grandma’s china dishes that were handed down from generation to generation.

Regardless of which item has the most emotional attachment, once it has been destroyed from improper handling or negligence, it can never be undone. There’s no replacing something so valuable. Let’s just say, moving is a time of stress and inviting your friends into that mess could cause some serious emotional scarring that could be avoided.

The possibility of creating real drama with your friends and loved ones is always present during high-tension situations like moving. With a professional moving company, avoid that hassle altogether, keep your friendships in good standing and ensure that your stuff will be moved safely and securely without judgement.

At Highland-Worldwide, we have many great services to help you move. Our expert movers have the expertise needed to execute a fast, safe, and hassle-free relocation. We can even advise you in the best ways to pack your belongings for the big move. For more information on how we can help you move, contact us today!