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Why Hiring Insured Movers Should Be Your Only Option

June 27, 2018

Moving can take a lot out of you—time, money, and your sanity.

However, it’s a process that needs to happen in order for you to get settled into your new home. What if there was a way to save you all the stress that comes with a daunting move?

Fortunately, there is.

Hiring professional movers will save you time, money and unnecessary stress while streamlining the moving process!

Packing is made easy when there’s a Professional Packer around

Although you may think that you can rely on your family and friends to lend a few helping hands in the packing process, odds are you will receive less help than you thought, or they will hinder the process. It’s very easy for directions to get lost in translation and then you’re left with pots and pans packed in the same box as your blow dryer and towels.

Packing your belongings yourself may seem like the cost-effective solution to your move, however, it may prove to be the exact opposite.

  • After buying and ultimately using too many boxes, purchasing extra packing materials that you may not use (or use correctly), and risking damage to your fragile items and furniture, you’re looking at a pretty expensive pile of semi-packed boxes.

Packing professionals are able to tackle the largest and most difficult part of the moving process.

  • Professionals understand how to properly pack items in the safest and most efficient way.
  • You won’t lose sleep on worrying about your valuables breaking during the move.
  • Every item is wrapped and boxed accordingly with specialized packing materials.
  • Your items will not succumb to the outdoor elements on moving day.

Professional packers also understand the unpacking process.

They will pack with the end in mind, ensuring that everything is packed in the most sensical way. Items will be packed in boxes according to the room they reside in and labeled respectively to make settling into your new home easy after your professional movers unload the truck.

Professional Movers understand how to care for your furniture and dangerous items

When you think about moving your furniture and heavier items, it may seem like it’ll be a piece of cake. Shimmy the couch toward the door and magically get it on the moving truck.

Professional movers know how to properly disassemble your large furniture pieces to get them out the door and onto the truck safely without harming the walls or doorways of your old house and new one. This will allow for a painless move for you and your furniture.

When it comes to other hefty items in your house, like large mirrors, safes, or a grand piano, it’s best to let the professionals take them on.

  • They have perfected a way to move these items without damaging them or harming themselves. With professional movers, you won’t run the risk of breaking your back, or the bank.

Professional movers are equipped with the right equipment

Don’t know how to tackle the stairs, protect your prized possessions, and succeed in not scratching the hardwood floors?

Professional movers do and it’s their job to packed securely to avoid any damage while in transit.

  • Licensed moving companies will offer coverage options for your items to give you even more peace of mind during the process.

Additionally, professional movers know exactly how to load the moving truck to ensure there is no shifting or wiggling while on route to your new home.

Focus on other moving day to-do’s

By streamlining the packing process and/or moving process, it leaves you with more time to spend on the other items on your to-do list.

You can take the time to finish painting the new house; get your documents in order; spend time with your family and friends that you may be moving away from soon; the list is never-ending.

At Highland Moving & Storage Vancouver, we have a team of professionals with the knowledge and equipment necessary to streamline your moving process.

From efficient packing to secure transportation of all your belongings, we can get the job done right. Whether you’re moving locally in the Fraser Valley Area or taking on a long-distance move near Langley, give us a call at 604-581-2300 to learn more about our professional moving services and receive a free quote!