Preparing for the Move

Preparing  for the Move

Do you move heavy items such as safes or pianos?

We have has specialized equipment and trained crews to move heavy items alongside other household goods. Please bring these to the attention of your sales representative so that we can have the proper packing material and equipment in place on moving day.

Is there anything that you can’t move?

Please see the complete lists of ‘Dangerous Goods’ that cannot be moved in our vans: non-admissible items for moving and do not ship goods. These lists apply to local and long-distance moves.

Can I ship my plants?

The stress and heat of being inside a commercial moving vehicle can be detrimental to plants. Therefore, while we can transport plants locally, this is done at your own risk. We do not recommend moving plants on long-distance moves. They often do not survive the heat or cold weather.

How do I prepare appliances for the move?

Please speak to your sales representative about preparing your appliances for local or long distance moves or for storage. For example, front load washing machines are sensitive and can be damaged if the drum is not blocked prior to moving. And, refrigerators and freezers should be disconnected and cleaned a few days before you move.

Can I leave items in my dresser drawers?

Lightweight items may be left in the drawers. However, please remove loose objects that could move around and possibly damage the dresser. We also recommend emptying particle board furniture as these are not designed to be moved with any weight inside of them.

Do you help with disassembling and preparing the furniture for the move? What about assembling the items you’ve disassembled?

Yes, our movers can assist you to disassemble and prepare your furniture for the move and then reassemble these items at your new place. Charges are based on the amount of time it takes to complete the task.

However, you can skip additional fees by disassembling and reassembling on your own IKEA-type furniture that may require extra time.

Do you sell cartons so I can pack my own items?

As a full-service moving company, we sell cartons of various sizes as well as packing paper and tape. These can be bought and picked up from our office or delivered (additional fee applies) to you. We offer free delivery with the purchase of packing material that includes all the cartons, paper and tape.

If I’m having a full-service move, do I need to pack anything?

If we are doing the packing on your move, you don’t need to pack anything prior to our arrival.  However, we suggest that you go through closets, drawers and storage areas and dispose of items you no longer want. This way, you’re not paying to ship and clutter your new home with unnecessary items.

Will you move my jewelry and other valuables?

We strongly recommend that you carry your jewellery with you. Other precious or high-value items such as comic books, coins, stamp collections or artwork may be included in your shipment, but you must notify your sales representative before packing begins. You may need a separate transit protection policy to cover these items during the move. Also, in some cases you will need to provide a detailed inventory list of the valuable items.