We offer secure storage in Vancouver with a climate controlled warehouse, on-site.

Are you running low on space and are not sure where you can fit all of your belongings in your home or office?  Do you have older, nostalgic items you do not need but also do not want to get rid of?

Renting storage space from Highland Van & Storage could be the ideal solution for you.Regardless of how long you need to store your items, we customize the right plan for your needs.

vancouver secure climate controlled storage

Highland Van & Storage stores customer’s goods in storage pallets in a secure, climate-controlled warehouse.

  • All of our storage pricing is charged on a rate of 100lbs on per month basis
  • We do not have standardized storage sizes
  • $5.00 per 100lbs and require an $100.00 minimum per month.
All Items are stored in our warehouse – NOT third party mini storage units like many of our competitors.

This system is more beneficial to customers, as a standardized size system is more of a “one-size-fits-all” approach as opposed to one priced based on your needs.

Regardless of your needs and items, we have a space for you.

Best of all, utilizing a storage service means you have more space in your home or workplace, as you’ll be able to prioritize what you want and need to have around and store what you want to keep but don’t necessarily need to have access to on a daily basis.

It will make your home more livable, and give you much-needed space rather than extra clutter that tends to get on the nerves of home and business owners.

To learn more about the storage services we offer in Vancouver, or to inquire about the available space we have in our climate controlled warehouse, contact the experts at Highland Van & Storage today.