The Top 3 Reasons Professional Movers Are a Better Option Than Your Friends

1) If You Love Them, Don’t Ask Them

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Let’s face it; moving day is never a walk in the park. Aside from everything that comes with it by default, there are always unforeseen complications. Situations arise, tempers flare, Mom hulks out and, before too long, everyone is screaming. Let’s just say we aren’t always at our best in times of stress and inviting your friends into that could cause some serious emotional scarring that could be easily avoided.

2) You Can’t Handle the Truth!

Sure, you may think you know your best bud better than anyone else, until that fateful day comes when you have to help him move. Believe me, once you come across his or her Britney Spears collection, you’ll never look at him the same way again.

3) You Break It, You Bought It:

It’s a rainy day and you’re carrying a box containing your friend’s priceless collection of rare beanie babies. You trip up on a crack in the sidewalk and the box flies out of your hands, spilling several adorable bean-stuffed animals, including that $400 Billionaire Bear signed by TY Warner himself, directly into a massive puddle in the street.

Panic sets in, and you think “It’s not that bad, they can be dried out.”

It’s at that moment an unsuspecting motorist drives directly through the puddle. Tiny plastic balls shower down around you, and roll out into the street.

Que the awkward silence.

Now the TY corporation may have cost you the favor you would have otherwise been owed when all of this was over, not to mention the innocent beanie babies that met a cruel and completely avoidable fate, had you just hired professional movers.

Obviously, the likelihood of this exact situation is pretty low. But, the possibility of creating very real drama with your friends and loved ones is always present during high-tension situations like moving day. If you do need to ask your buddies for help though, be sure to use our tips to help make things go a little bit smoother.