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Do You Really Need Climate-Controlled Storage?

December 02, 2019

When you’re trying to decide which storage facility and whattype of storage is right for you, you’ll probably run into the term “climate-controlled”quite a bit. Reflexively, you might dismiss it due to the higher price tag. Allyou really need is some extra space for your belongings, right?

Well, not always. When you rent storage space, you want to invest in something that won’t just hold your items, but also keep them well-protected and in good shape for when you need them again. So, what’s the deal with climate-controlled storage anyway?

What does“climate-controlled” mean?

Storage spaces that are climate-controlled are kept at a consistent temperature that creates an optimal environment for their contents.

Facilities with climate-controlled units manage temperatureand humidity using various combinations of heating, air conditioning, and ventilationsystems. They’re also built with more insulation so it’s easier to maintainthat environment. Ideal storage temperatures are usually somewhere between 12-30°C(55-85°F).

What arethe benefits of climate-controlled storage?

Temperature Protection

A lot of materials sustain considerable damage when exposedto extreme heat, cold, or fluctuations between the two. If you live in a climatewith a wide range of low and high temperatures throughout the year, or somewherewith high humidity, climate-controlled storage will keep your belongings ingood condition.


Climate-controlled storage spaces are better sealed andinsulated from the outside world. In addition to maintaining temperature, theseextra layers help keep out rodents and insects that can soil or damage your possessions.This will also help prevent any dirt, dust, and debris from tracking in.

Longer Duration

One of the unique advantages to climate-controlled storageis that you can leave your belongings there indefinitely without having toworry about the condition you’ll find them in. Enjoy the peace of mind ofknowing you won’t have to check in on your storage space until you needsomething or worry about damaged items.

What kindof items need climate-controlled storage?

Some of your belongings would be just fine in a standardstorage unit, depending on how long you need to store them. There are severaltypes of items or materials, however, that really do need climatecontrol to maintain quality and functioning.


Wood is easily warped, cracked, and rotted by extremefluctuations in temperature—and even just moderate changes in humidity. Anywooden furniture or musical instruments made from wood should always be storedin a controlled climate, even if it’s just for a short period.


Another material that’s sensitive to temperature andmoisture is leather. Excessive moisture can cause discoloration and the growthof mold and mildew. Leather goods tend to be rather expensive in the firstplace, so you definitely don’t want to end up having to replace them soonerthan necessary.

Appliances Electronics

Electronics and appliances must stay clean and dry tocontinue working properly. Extreme cold or hot temperatures can causemechanical cracks, rust, and mold/mildew. Any televisions, stereos, computers,refrigerators, microwaves, etc. should always be stored in a climate-controlledspace.


Anything you need to store that has considerable monetary orsentimental value should be kept in a controlled climate, even if it’s just foryour own peace of mind. You don’t want to risk any damage to irreplaceablefamily heirlooms, priceless antiques, or important documents and media. Certaintypes of collectibles also need the protection of climate control—wine,artwork, coins, stamps, comic books, etc.

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