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How to Prepare Your Kids for Moving Day

June 30, 2019

Moving can be a life changing event, which leads to feelings of excitement, apprehensiveness, and wonder.

Among the difficulties of finding a reliable local moving company, this can be quite damaging and traumatic for children if it is not handled gently.

It is crucial to keep your kids updated on your decisions since moving means a lot of change – new friends, a new school, new neighborhood, and a new emotions to deal with. This move can be particularly stressful during an overseas move, especially if you are still looking for an overseas moving company.

No matter the ages of your children parents must ease the transition, while keeping your own stress level down.

Kids need time to get adjusted to the idea of the move as this is a major change in their lives as well.  “Kids pick up on parental emotions…if you’re cool and confident, kids are more likely to be, too.”

Make sure to keep the communication flow open, this shows the parents willingness to discuss their concerns at any time.

The following tips will help to prepare your children for the move:

  • If you are planning a long distance move, then pull out a map and show your child where you are moving, the local attractions and weather.
  • Take your child to his or her new school, even a meeting with the teacher.
  • Before your leave, have a going away party and encourage your child to keep in contact with their current friends.
  • Encourage your child to take part in the moving process.