International MoversThe decision to move overseas is often one that requires a great deal of thought, planning, preparation, and organization.

Due to its difficulty in nature, it is near impossible to pull off an international move without the assistance of experienced professionals.

Worldwide Overseas Moving Service specializes as an international moving company in the Vancouver area.

No matter what region of the world you are moving to, our experienced team can help you every step of the way.

We make sure your possessions get to your new destination safely and securely, and the moving aspect of your transition to your new country is as seamless as possible.

We have a vast network of international moving partners known to be professional.

As such, we help you pack your things and prepare them for shipment to a member of our network, then their local movers will bring your things to your new home and make certain you are settled in nicely.

International moving services to suit your schedule and your specific needs.

When moving internationally, timelines can get interrupted, things can get delayed or expedited and schedules can become increasingly busy.

Fortunately, we tailor our services to work around your schedule, and we can do all of the packing, crating and planning you may not have time for.

  • Our professional packers will make sure everything is wrapped and secured tightly to ensure things don’t break, dent or tarnish during the long trek to your new home.

We offer secure & climate controlled storage services in the Vancouver area.

If you have to travel back and forth between your new and current country, or you are only moving overseas temporarily, you may decide you do not want to bring all of your things with you, but still need a trustworthy space to store your goods.

Our storage facility is secure, climate controlled and conveniently priced, so know there is space available for you to store possessions you want to keep, but do not want to ship overseas to your new place.

If you are moving for a job, making friends with your coworkers and learning your new job is also difficult.

With professional international movers, you can spend more time focusing on these important matters and spend less time packing, shipping and unpacking your belongings.

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