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Packing Your Closet for a Move

May 19, 2019

The moving process can be a bit of a headache when it comes to packing up and transporting all of your belongings. The most efficient way to pack one room or section of your home might not be the best way to for another. Your dishes, for example, will probably require a little more preparation and delicacy than your bedding.

Trying to determine the easiest and most productive packing methods for your belongings can be overwhelming and time consuming. If you find yourself struggling when it comes to transporting the bountiful contents of that walk-in closet you loved when you first looked at your apartment, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve put together a helpful list of tips for preparing your clothes for a big move, so you have one less area to worry about! Once you read them and successfully pack your closet, you can count on Highland Moving & Storage Vancouver to make the next step of storing or transporting it to your new home stress-free!

Go through it first.

Sorting through and purging your belongings is the first step for the moving process in general—and your closet is no different! Your clothing collection is probably ripe with opportunity for downsizing. It’s easy to organize as you comb through your closet, so it’s also the perfect excuse to establish a new system for storing and arranging your clothes.

How do I decide what to get rid of?

You’re going to want to set up an organization method for purging your closet, so you don’t have to grapple with an assortment of undefined piles all over the floor when you’re done. Label a few boxes or garbage bags to help catalog your inventory and distinguish between what you’ve decided to donate, sell, keep, and toss.

Obviously, clothes that are damaged or significantly run-down should be discarded. Donate anything that doesn’t fit, no longer aligns with your personal style, or that you’ve simply stopped wearing. A good rule of thumb is that if you haven’t worn it in the last year, you’re probably not going to wear it again. If you need some extra cash, there are always second-hand stores that will buy good-quality items from you.

Group like items together.

If you organize your clothing as you go, you’ll thank yourself when it comes time to unpack and fill a new closet. Start with pulling out any off-season clothes you won’t be needing for a while—you might even want to consider storing them if you’re tight on space or just to get them out of the way.

Gather and pack clothes according to function or type. Designate one bag for work clothes, one for gym outfits, or one for jeans, one for t-shirts, etc. Sort however you’d like to set them up in your new space now to save you the trouble later. Don’t forget to label everything as you go for easy access during the move and to speed up the unpacking process!

Pack with convenient, easily accessible resources.

Before you head to Home Depot and buy a bunch of moving boxes just to pack your closet, survey what you already have available to you. When it comes to packing clothes, there are a lot of cheap, convenient options that are probably already somewhere in your home. This will help you save time and space during the move.

Use garbage bags.

Garbage bags should be your go-to tool for packing whatever is hanging in your closet—the ones with the drawstrings are ideal. Group about ten or so pieces together still on the hanger, place the bottom of the clothing into the bag and continue up, and tie the bag right before the metal hook at the top so you can leave your clothes hanging and easily grab a hold of them while bagged. Use garment bags to wrap and protect valuable or delicate items like a suit, tuxedo, formal dress, or expensive coat.

This method of storage will be faster than unhanging, folding, and packing each item into another box. It’ll save some space in the truck and allow for a clean, easy transport as well.

Wrap dresser drawers.

The first thing to do when transporting large furniture—like a dresser—is disassemble it. Those drawers are going to have to come out anyway, so you might as well make them do double duty and use them as makeshift boxes for your clothes. They’re already loaded and organized for you which will make both the packing and unpacking process a breeze!

After your take the drawers out, remove ornate handles or knobs to prevent damage or tearing when you wrap them. You can use regular old saran wrap to enclose the drawer and prevent anything from falling out. Start by binding it lengthwise, and then over the width for the most secure wrap.

Load up your suitcases.

Just like those dresser drawers, you’re going to have to haul your luggage to your new place anyway. Take advantage of the storage space your suitcases offer and save room for more boxes in the truck. They’re designed to protect and transport your belongings, especially clothing, so they’re perfect for packing away your closet.

A lot of suitcases have wheels and handles for easy transit so they’re ideal for grouping heavier garments together. Roll up your jeans and work pants and sort them into the bag, or stuff in your heavy winter coat and accessories to take care of some of the bulkier clothing items. All that’s left to do is wheel it outside and pop it in the trunk!

Ask for help!

Packing up and moving an entire household worth of stuff is tedious and exhausting—both mentally and physically. Highland Moving & Storage Vancouver is here to help with all of your packing, storage, and moving needs!

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