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Who to Notify When You Move

February 18, 2018

Moving creates a lot of action items for your to-do list. You need to find a new place, get rid of your old one, hire movers, pack all of your worldly possessions, and get the kids signed up for their new school.

There’s one more thing you can’t forget. You need to notify everyone that you moved! But who do you need to notify?

To take the guesswork out of this part of the process, Highland Worldwide has put together a list of the most important people to notify about an upcoming move. Getting your “I’ve Moved” notification out of the way can prevent service interruptions from your cable provider, past-due bills, and even identity theft, according to HGTV.

Your Employer

The first person you should tell about your move is your employer; if you receive checks in the mail or documents like tax forms, you’ll want them to have an updated address on file. Contact your HR rep or let your boss know right away, says

The Post Office

Once you notify your HR department, go to the post office. If you live close to yours, pop in and fill out a change of address form.

If you’re not exactly sure where you’re moving to, but you have to leave your old place, you can place a stop on your mail so that the post office will hold it for you. Simply pick it up once a week or so, as needed. You can also forward your mail to a mailbox within the post office. You’ll be charged a small monthly service fee, but it’s a great way to make sure none of your mail gets lost.

Moving often causes confusion for your mail carrier, so let him know that you’re leaving town. If you have a roommate who’s staying behind, make sure your mail carrier is aware of it so they don’t accidentally forward all of your mail to your new place. Drop a note in your mailbox for your mail carrier, or give your local post office a call and ask to speak with him.

Sometimes, post offices only forward official mail: you may need to call your magazine subscriptions and change your address with them individually in order to receive the latest copies.


Your utilities include phone service, cable, Wi-Fi and internet, as well as gas, electric, and water. If you’re staying in the same area, chances are that the same company will be providing your utilities at your new place. If that’s the case, simply give each of the companies a call and let them know that you’re moving. They’ll advise you on how to handle the move, and help you close out your old account and open a new one.

If you’re moving far away, or switching utilities companies, you’ll still need to call. There may be an outstanding balance on your account when you move out, especially for gas and electric companies. Make sure they have your new address so they know where to send your final bill; you don’t want to have an outstanding payment sent to collections.

Credit Card Companies

Most people do their credit card bill payments online these days, but if you still receive paper statements (and even if you don’t) you need to update your address with each and every one of your credit card companies. Log onto the website and fill out a change of address form on your account page, or give the credit card company a call—the phone number should be on the back of your card.

Getting all of your credit cards up to date means you don’t have to stop and worry about which zip code this particular credit card is associated with when it’s time to do some online shopping!

Your Bank

Your bank needs to have your most up to date address, since most banks still use snail mail to communicate important information, and send replacement debit cards and statements. You’ll probably have to call your bank in order to change your address, or stop into a branch.

Keep in mind that your checks and any debit cards or credit cards associated directly with your bank account may also need to be updated: ask the teller where else you need to change your address in order for your account to be accurate. says don’t forget about online banks, investment accounts, retirement accounts, and student loans.

Your Doctor

Moving to a new town means going to see different physicians. Spend some time before you move finding a new eye doctor, primary care physician, dentist, and anything else you need. That way, before you move, you can request that all of your medical records are sent to your new doctors. You’ll be ready for an appointment whenever you need to make one.

Remember that both your new doctor and your old doctor will need your new address so that they can settle any bills that the insurance company didn’t pay.

Loyalty Cards

HGTV says not to forget about loyalty programs, like with your grocery store chain! You could miss out on savings like rebates or coupons if the stores you shop at don’t have your most recent address.

There are certainly a lot of people you need to notify when you move; a good rule of thumb is to make a list of all of the important items you receive by snail mail in the 30 days prior to your move, and make sure to update your address with each of the senders. That way, you won’t miss anything important!

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