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Checklist for an Easy Move

Whether you’re re-locating to a new city or just moving around the block, packing up your life can be a daunting task. After years of helping families move from one place to the next, Highland Worldwide has some experience in this area, which is why we have put together a list of tips and tricks… Read more »

What Not to Pack When Moving

Things to Avoid When Packing Up For a Move

Once you decide it’s time to move to a new place, you’ll have a long list of things to do to get ready for moving day. Of course, the biggest item on the list is to pack up all of your belongings. But do you really need to pack every single item you own? What… Read more »

Who to Notify When You Move

Who to Notify When You Move?

Moving creates a lot of action items for your to-do list. You need to find a new place, get rid of your old one, hire movers, pack all of your worldly possessions, and get the kids signed up for their new school. There’s one more thing you can’t forget. You need to notify everyone that… Read more »

Tips for Helping a Senior Move to a New Home

Tips for Helping a Senior Move to a New Home

Moving can be an overwhelming process, which is why it’s important for our loved ones to rally around us when we’re about to move into a new home. If a senior citizen in your life is about to make the move to a new home, it’s important that you lend as much help and support… Read more »

Seven Ways to Keep Your Home Safe This Holiday Season

Seven Ways to Keep Your Home Safe This Holiday Season

The holidays are a wonderful time for celebrating and spending time with family; but with all of the extra guests, cars and presents around, plus the fact that you may be out of town for a while visiting relatives, it can also be a tempting season for burglars and thieves. Here are some tips on… Read more »

How to Make Moving Easier on Your Children

How to Make Moving Easier on Your Children

Moving is not a simple task. Unlike some of your other simple home-improvement projects, the list of things that need to be accomplished before and during your move adds up. But, it’s important to remember that the process of moving is overwhelming to everyone, including your kids. For some kids, moving to a new home… Read more »

Making Your Big Move Stress-Free for Pets

Moving can be a busy and stressful experience for the entire family, but did you ever stop to think about how stressful it may be for your pets? Getting used to a new place to call home can be a big adjustment for the animals in your life, but there are a few small things… Read more »