5 Spots to Clean When You Move into Your New Home

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Getting your new home prepared for your arrival can be a stressful process. Many people feel an overwhelming need to clean their new space from floor to ceiling before they can start unpacking and settling in—but it doesn’t have to be that complicated!

Although you’ll probably be tired after a long day of directing your movers, there are a few areas you’ll want to give a good scrubbing before you unpack your bed and hit the hay. No need to worry though! We’ve narrowed it down to just five important spots to tackle to make sure your home is feeling fresh and ready before you get to work moving in!

1) Furniture Areas

Make things easier for yourself when you do take the time to perform a deep cleaning throughout your home by cleaning those spaces that will soon be covered by your furniture. Taking advantage of the few days your major pieces aren’t in place will be far more efficient than trying to clean around them!

Focus on your baseboards and air vents before giving the floor a good sweep and the wall a quick wipe down.

2) Outlet Covers

Years of use have likely added a stubborn layer of dirt and grime over your power outlet and light switch plates, especially if you’re moving into an older home. Give these spots a quick wash with warm soapy water and dry them thoroughly. Don’t forget to note any damaged or mismatched covers for your next trip to the hardware store!

3) Cabinet Interiors

Before unpacking your kitchenware and bathroom supplies, take some time to clean out the cupboards and drawers. You’ll feel much better putting your things away in spaces that have been fully cleansed of any remaining dirt and debris.

4) Kitchen Appliances

Professional Moving Company in Vancouver

If your new home comes equipped with kitchen appliances already installed—refrigerator, oven/stove, dishwasher, etc.—you’ll want to give them a little deeper of a cleaning before you use them. Food odors have a tendency to linger, and you don’t want to risk your food or dishes being contaminated with bacteria or dirt left behind by someone else.

5) Bathrooms

The bathroom is an area in your home where you want to pay special attention to hygiene and cleanliness. It’s going to be tough to feel like you’re really getting clean in a bathroom that feels used and dirty!

Take the time to scrub down the sink, tub, toilet, floor, and other surfaces before you make yourself at home here. You’ll feel a lot more refreshed and at home once you do.

Now that your new home is ready for you, all you have left to do is get there! Highland Worldwide has an elite moving team available for an affordable price to help with your local, long-distance, and even international move from Vancouver to anywhere in the world. Give us a call or visit us online today to get your free quote and book our expert services for your move!