6 Tips to Help You Perfect Your Real Estate Listing

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In the age of digital media and social networking, your real estate listing is perhaps your most valuable tool for selling your home. After all, other than happening to drive by and spotting the “For Sale” sign on the front lawn, how is anyone going to know your house is even up for grabs?!

Although your real estate agent will likely work with you to create the listing for your house, it’s important to know what it takes to make a good one so you can be sure you’re presenting your house to the market in the best way possible.

Use these tips to craft the perfect real estate listing for your property, and you’ll be calling the movers before you know it!

Listing Description

1) Be honest in what you write.

As you’re writing your listing description, keep in mind that you want to attract people to your property without misleading them. Avoid setting unrealistic expectations by being upfront about any flaws your house may have.

Try to paint less-than-desirable aspects of your space in a positive light or make suggestions for fixing them that could get someone excited about the different possibilities it has to offer.

2) Include details that set your property apart.

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Don’t waste time or space in your description repeating basic information that will be specified elsewhere on your listing (number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, etc.). Instead, talk about the features of your house that give it character—and buyers a reason to come check it out!

Seize the opportunity to talk about your gorgeous fireplace, finished basement, or the whirlpool bath in the master bedroom. Pointing out these unique elements is what will turn your online viewer into an in-person showing.

3) Pay attention to readability.

Poor grammar, spelling, and formatting is a bigger turn off for buyers than you may think. Read over your listing before posting to check for any mistakes that could give off the impression that you’re lazy or don’t care about details (not something you want in someone managing a house you’re looking to buy).

Make sure your description is easy to understand and follow. Avoid run-on sentences, inadequate or overused punctuation, and break up your text into more easily digestible sections.

Listing Photos

4) Take the time to clean up and declutter before photographing your property.

The devil is in the details when it comes to your listing photos! Excess items and noticeable mess—no matter how small—distract from your home’s features and make your space look smaller.

Ensure every corner, countertop, and inch of floor space looks clean, crisp, and orderly before you snap your shots. Don’t forget to clear anything messy or distracting from your home exterior too!

5) Showcase the best view of your home.

When you go to take photos for your real estate listing, think like a buyer. What do you look for when you search the listings for your new potential house? You want to see as much of each room as you can in photos that look professional, and so do your buyers.

Experiment with angles and lighting to portray your home in the most flattering context possible. Shooting from the doorway or a corner is usually your best bet for making a room look open and inviting.

Marketing Your Listing

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6) Once your listing is complete, share it!

After you’ve come up with the perfect description and chosen the most stunning photos for your real estate listing, make the most of it by spreading the word!

Post it on social media, ask your agent to send it to their email list and contact their personal network, throw an open house, and do whatever you can to gain exposure and draw attention to your listing and your property. Your goal is to have as many people as possible see your listing, so you can guarantee you’re getting the most out of your sale.

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