6 Ways to Evade Post-Move Depression

After a few busy weeks of packing and preparing, the relief that you feel when you sit down in your new home and just relax for a few minutes is immense. All of the furniture and the plethora of boxes are inside, and soon you will be turning your new house into a home.

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There is a certain excitement that comes along with moving to a new place, especially if you are living in a brand new city. It is likely that a vacation-like feeling will settle over you in the first few days following your move, but afterwards it is very common to experience relocation depression.

Settling into a new job, getting used to a new city meeting new friends can all be difficult, but the following words of advice can help you to overcome your post-move depression while forming a new daily routine.

1.) Create a Familiar Home Environment

Instead of sorting through boxes a couple at a time, spend a weekend completely unpacking your new home, hanging up family photos and putting your favorite decorations on display. This way, instead of coming home to a pile of boxes after a tough day, you can come home and feel a sense of comfort and stability.

Not sure where to start unpacking? We recommend the bedroom, so that you can wake up every morning in a comfortable and familiar space.

2.) Join a Group

Whether you join a gym, sign up for a class, become a member of your child’s PTA, or find another way to get involved, joining a group will help you to meet new people and embrace your new community.

Choose a hobby you miss participating in or learn about something you have always wanted to. And with something to participate in after the workday, you will feel like you really fit into your new community.

3.) Explore Your City

Whether you search online for some great area attractions or ask a coworker where they recommend eating dinner, get out of the house and start getting acquainted with your new city or town.

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Go for a walk around your neighborhood, stopping into unique little shops that catch your eye. Staying cooped up inside your new house will only make you feel more alone, but getting out and exploring your new environment can help you to form connections and a new routine.

4.) Make New Friends

As difficult as it can be to put yourself out there and meet new people, making new friends is an important part of having a positive moving experience. There are plenty of places where you can forge connections, so knock on your neighbor’s door to introduce yourself and sit down for lunch with your coworkers.

It may seem tough to strike up conversations at first, but the more you try the easier putting yourself out there will become. You never know where you will make new friends, but the people you meet during the first months in your home can help you to explore your area, feel connected and become more involved in your new community.

5.) Maintain Old Connections

With your old friends just a phone call or email away, it is easy to keep in touch regardless of distance.

Whether you are having a tough day or are looking for someone to share some exciting news with, staying in contact with the people you care about most can give you a boost of positivity during the months following a big move.

6.) Give Yourself Some Time

When it comes to getting used to a new city, time is an important factor too. So if you are feeling down, keep these words of advice in mind and give yourself some extra time to adjust.

Stay active and you will be happy in your new home before you know it!

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