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Tips for Moving to a Foreign Country

August 21, 2019

Moving can be stressful regardless of where you are headed, but there is no move that requires quite as much planning as the move to a foreign country.

There are so many things to take into consideration as you prepare for this huge life change, which is why Highland Worldwide has put together a list of tips that individuals moving to another country can follow in the months leading up to their new adventure.

Finding a Job

Unless you are moving for work, one of the first things to do while planning a move to a foreign country is finding a job. Thanks to the Internet, it is easy to find available jobs and begin the interview process before even arriving in a new country.

Also, if you and your partner are making a move to further your career, be sure to offer them plenty of support as they search for a job near where you will be located. Whether you help them start their search online or practice interview techniques with them, this extra assistance will remind them that home is wherever you are together.

Learning the Language

Imagine arriving in a foreign country and not being able to understand a word of the language being spoken around you. Learning a new language can seem overwhelming, but you will have a much easier time picking one up if you take a class before you leave for your new home.

Switching lifestyles can be a tough adjustment, but once you are immersed in a language, it will come to you more quickly than you thought it would.

Sort Your Possessions

Another important aspect of moving to another country is deciding what you will do with all of the things you own. You probably won’t be able to bring everything with you, and depending on how and where you are moving, your new home may already be furnished for you.

Deciding what to do with a house-full of items can be difficult, so put some time aside in the months leading up to your move to pack boxes, sell items and arrange for storage. If you wait till moving day to decide, you might find yourself in a bit of a mess!

Prepare for an Adjustment Period

The first few weeks of any move are extraordinarily busy as you get used to a new job, city and lifestyle. But as time goes on and you get into a scheduled routine, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and alone.

Making new friends is a great way to ease some of the loneliness you may be feeling, and don’t forget to stay in touch with friends and loved ones back home. Whether you set aside some time each week to email your loved ones an update or use a webcam to talk with them (almost) face-to-face, maintaining strong relationships with the people you care about – while branching out in your new city – will make this big adjustment easier to handle.

Bring Enough Money

While some places may provide you with the majority of amenities you will need, others will expect you to provide all your own. Make sure you have enough start-up cash when moving long distances to ensure that the first weeks in your new home go smoothly.

Opening a bank account and dealing with foreign taxes can be overwhelming, so also talk to your bank about transferring money to a foreign account ahead of time for a smooth financial transition.

Make Friends

One of the first things that you should do when you arrive in your new country is branch out and make some friends! Having people to share lunch with, visit area attractions with and just talk to after a long day of work is an essential part of acclimating to a foreign country.

Make a point to get to know coworkers, neighbors and other individuals you bump into during your travels. These early friendships are a great way to get to know the area and will help you to feel at home in your new location.

Whether you are moving near or far, Highland Worldwide is here to help you – and your belongings – get to your destination. For more information on our long distance and overseas moving services in Vancouver, visit us online or give us a call at 604-581-2300.