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Why You Should Move to Vancouver

December 14, 2014

Vancouver has steadily become one of the most attractive tourist destinations in North America, coming in at the ninth top city to visit as of 2018. It makes sense that as its popularity has increased, so has its population!

So why are people flocking to this beautiful, diverse region—andwhy should you consider joining them?

The Views

There’s a little bit of something for everyone in the greatcity of Vancouver. Outdoor enthusiasts especially find themselves drawn to thestriking surroundings, with a choice of mountain and ocean views to satisfytheir thirst for adventure.

Hop on one of the historic ferries

or sea buses to get a unique view of the city. Or, climb to the top of the roof of the Chinatown Plaza to take in the scene of the cityscape against a breathtaking, natural background!

The Culture

While there’s plenty to see in Vancouver, there’s twice asmuch to do in this modern hub. Vancouver is well-known for its artisanalculture, as it is home to many music and film festivals, a lively art and theatrescene, and endless options for delicious food and craft beer!

Along with a unique and lively experience, you’ll find a district of friendly, positive individuals in Vancouver. It’ll take no time at all to feel like you truly belong in this welcoming community.

The Opportunity

The tourism industry in Vancouver is booming, whichtranslates to a wealth of employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for residentsin the region. It’s advantageous position on the port gives this city aconstantly bustling housing and job market to offer newcomers and longtimenatives alike.

In addition to the individual growth there is to be had in Vancouver, their public education system makes the city an attractive spot for families with children and aspiring higher education students! You’ll find excellent public and private schools in Vancouver, including a myriad of top-quality university choices close by.

If Vancouver sounds like the next greatest adventure for you and your family, contact the movers at Highland Vancouver

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