Buying a Home During the Holidays: What Are the Advantages?

There’s no denying that the holidays are the most stressful time of year. Everybody is running around preparing for gift exchanges and extensive family dinners. It’s no wonder the real estate market takes a hit this season!

Just because it slows down though, doesn’t mean it freezes altogether. In fact, the competitive market can prove to be an advantage to those looking to close on a new house in time for the holidays. Consider how the holiday housing market can work in your favor, and maybe you’ll find yourself all moved in by the new year!

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There’s less competition.

Other buyers looking for the right home are hesitant to continue shopping during the holiday season for the same reasons you are. If you decide not to wait for the market to pick back up in the spring though, you’ll reap the benefits that they won’t!

With fewer people shopping for homes, you won’t have as many offers to compete with. If you’re the only one bidding for a property, you’re the one with the leverage at the negotiation table.

You’ll get a more accurate impression of the house.

It’s easy to hide those little nuisances and flaws that every house has in the gorgeous spring and summer weather. Feel more confident in your investment by seeing firsthand how it holds up in the harshest season.

Cold-weather issues will become more apparent to you and a home inspector in the winter months for obvious reasons. Insufficient heating systems, drafty windows, leaky roofs, and other problems will be easier to spot at this time of year!

Sellers are eager to get their house off the market.

Homeowners and prospective buyers are in the same boat this time of year—you both want to close before the holidays! Sellers will be more motivated to negotiate in your favor and make concessions to ensure a timely sale.

Speed up the closing process.

Everyone wants to wrap up the closing process before the year’s end. People want to settle into their new homes and agents, inspectors, brokers, and other professionals want their checks to clear. These service providers will also be more readily available in the off-season, as a result of the slower market.

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