What You Can Negotiate When Relocating For a Job

No matter what industry you work in, the job market can change pretty significantly from one year to the next. That could mean shifting your career priorities, and even relocating. When you’re interviewing for a job in a different city, it can be a little bit overwhelming. There are more variables involved with relocating for a new position than when you’re interviewing at a company that’s down the street.

To help you through the interviewing and negotiating process, and to remind you of a few things to keep in mind, Highland Worldwide has some tips for you. Read on to learn more about what you can (and should) negotiate with your prospective employer when you’re relocating for a job.

Location Scouting TripsWhat You Can Negotiate When Relocating For a Job

If you’re moving to a new area that you’re unfamiliar with, it can be a big change, especially if you have a family. You should ask your potential employer about a location scouting trip so that you, your partner and your kids can check out the area before you sign your contract.

This trip can be used to look for permanent housing, get an idea of the neighborhood vibes, and even check out schools for the kids. Your prospective employer may not foot the bill for the whole trip, but it’s worth asking. They may be able to provide you with a stipend to cover some of the expenses of a location scouting trip, if not all of it.

If you’re interviewing in person in the new city, take advantage of the trip. Most companies will fly you out at their expense to meet with the hiring manager at least once. Ask if you can bring your partner with you to check out the neighborhood where the company is located, to make sure you both like the area and can see yourselves building a life there.

Some companies will send you on multiple location scouting trips, and bring you in for multiple in-person interviews, it just depends on their budget. If you don’t ask, you’ll never know!

What You Can Negotiate When Relocating For a JobTemporary Housing

If your potential employer wants you to start right away, The Muse says to ask them to provide temporary housing for you and your family. Let them know that you’re eager to get started, but the start date that’s just a few weeks away doesn’t give you enough time to arrange for permanent housing in your new city.

Employers who are asking you to start your new job within less than a month should be able to provide you with temporary housing for 60 to 90 days; if they aren’t, ask about a housing stipend to use to secure a home in your new city, since chances are you’ll need to maintain your home in your current city for a few months before you can break the lease or sell the property.

If you are able to move out and break your lease or sell your home right away, a few months of living rent-free can make the down payment or deposit on your new home much less straining to your finances.

Relocation PackageWhat You Can Negotiate When Relocating For a Job

Many employers will offer you a “relocation package” when they offer you the job. The Muse says to make sure you ask a lot of questions to understand exactly what’s included in the package. Sometimes, employers will pay for every part of the moving process, from the packing of the boxes in your old city to the unpacking of the boxes at your new place. Usually, this type of package will reimburse you for any expenses paid during the move.

If your package includes the full price of the move from start to finish, make sure you keep all your receipts and mark everything clearly, even if you’re just gassing up the U-Haul. You’ll need to present these to your employers so that they can track the expenses, and give you your money back. Make sure you ask if there’s a cap on spending, and make plans accordingly. If you’ll be scheduling everything through your employer, make sure you keep copies of insurance documents, receipts, and any correspondence between your company and your moving vendors.

Relocating for a job is an exciting new start, but make sure your employer knows that it’s not always the most convenient process! Most good companies will help you out in some way throughout the moving process, because they’ll want you to feel settled in and at home in your new city, ready to take on your new role.

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