Canada Turned 150 Years Old This Year!

On July 1st, Canada officially turned 150 years old and Canadians across the country spent the weekend celebrating this great nation and the coming together of the provinces of Canada into one unified federation.

150 is quite young for such an accomplished and popular country. Think about the countries in Europe like Great Britain that have been around for hundreds and hundreds of years! So why should Canadians be celebrating? There are several reasons—here’s a brief history of Canadian unification, and some information on why this country deserved to have a big birthday bash.

Canada Turns 150

When it comes to Canadian independence, there are a few key dates that need to be celebrated. This past July 1st marked the 150th year since Confederation, according to CBC. Confusingly, confederation refers to the date upon which the separate provinces banded together to form a federation.

The act that unified the separate provinces is called the British North America Act of 1867. It unified four provinces: Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Over time, the other six provinces and three territories also joined.

It wasn’t actually until 1982, that the federation of Canada actually became independent from Great Britain. This “declaration of independence,” was more of a declaration of Canada’s ability to write its own laws and make changes to its constitution without the approval of Britain.

The British North America Act of 1982 also renamed Canada’s “Dominion Day” to the more popular and appropriate, “Canada Day.”

How Do Canadians Celebrate?

According to the BBC, the biggest celebration of the 150th anniversary took place on Parliament Hill in Ottowa, where thousands and thousands of Canadians went to celebrate their great nation. The celebrations included concerts and performances by world-renowned Canadian artists, aerobatics displays, a citizenship ceremony for people who recently became Canadian citizens, and a gigantic firework display at midnight.

There’s nothing that can’t be celebrated well with a home cooked or barbecued meal, and an afternoon spent with family. The Canadians that didn’t attend the festivities in the city centers hosted or attended get-togethers with loved ones to celebrate their county.

The menu was likely a mish-mash of all kinds of food, including French and Italian. Global News says that many Canadians may have indulged in maple syrup this past Canada Day, but that might be an odd accompaniment to a barbecue feast! Poutine, smoked meat, lobster and beer were also likely served.

150…so what?

What’s the big deal about turning 150, you ask? Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that in celebrating the country’s founding, citizens across the nation can reflect on the past, cheer for today, and refocus themselves on the bright future of this rapidly growing and changing country.

The future is, indeed, bright. According to Remax, there are many reasons to love Canada, including but not limited to its booming real estate market. Residents and tourists from across the world report that Canada is a friendly and welcoming nation and its citizens offer help and kindness to strangers from all walks of life.

The economy is booming, which means that there’s a high standard of living and wages, and tons of opportunities for young professionals as well as pioneers in any kind of field.

While the country may be known for its “harsher” winters than its southern neighbor enjoys, the stunning vistas across the nation of mountains, lakes, rivers, oceans and more will leave lovers of wildlife and nature breathless just from a peek outside their window.

The New York Times says that Canada is not only staking its claim on today’s business and economic growth, but also making sure to stay humble and respectful of the country’s past. There’s a new focus on reinvention in Canada, with the hope to reconcile injustices against the indigenous population during the colonial era.

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