Five Spots You Should Clean When Moving into Your New Home

Moving into a new home can be a stressful experience, and oftentimes when families arrive in their new home, they feel the overwhelming need to clean the space floor to ceiling.

There are spots you should clean when moving into a new home.

Although you will probably be tired after a long day of moving, the best time to perform the following cleaning tasks is before your boxes are unpacked and furniture is put in its place.

Using eraser sponges makes tackling this task a lot easier!

Once all items have been crossed off your cleaning check-list, your new home is sure to feel fresh and inviting to your family.

Here are just a few of the most important cleaning tasks you will want to tackle during your more.

Areas Furniture Will Cover Up

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Instead of having to clean around your furniture, take advantage of the couple days you have without furniture in place by cleaning the spaces in your home that will soon be covered up.

  • Baseboards and forced air vents are two important areas to focus on.  Using a magic eraser sponge makes this an easy process, limiting the amount of products you need down to 1!

Switch Plates and Outlet Covers

cleaning outlet cover

Especially if you are moving into an older home, years of use have probably added a difficult to notice layer of dirt to the switch plates and outlet covers.

  • Use a extra strength magic eraser sponge to scrub this grime away for a fresh, clean feeling – and don’t forget to make note of any mismatched covers for your next trip to the hardware store.

Inside of Cabinets

cleaning cabinet

Before unpacking your kitchenware, take some time to clean out all of the kitchen cupboards.

A task that is much more difficult to complete one your shelves and drawers are full, this will ensure that your dishes don’t end up with crumbs or gunk on them.

Kitchen Appliances

cleaning refrigerator

If your new home came with kitchen appliances already installed, do some deep cleaning before filling your refrigerator with food and baking dinner in the oven.

  • Food odors tend to linger without a thorough cleaning, and you never know how often the homeowner before you cleaned out the oven.
  • Depending on the type of oven you own, different techniques should be employed for cleaning the interior of the oven itself.

The oven racks, oven door and range can all be cleaned easily with an Eraser Sponge, as can all surfaces of your refrigerator.


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From the toilet to the sink and the tub, we recommend cleaning all surfaces of your bathroom for a squeaky clean feeling when you first move into your new home.

Eraser Sponges can battle soap scum and mildew on all your bathroom surfaces, making quick and thorough work of the job.

Tough enough to get rid of dirt, but gentle enough not to damage the surfaces of your home, Eraser Sponges will do an incredible job making your home sparkle and shine.

Now that you are all ready to move into your new home, all that’s left to do is schedule your move with Highland Worldwide.

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