Five Tips For Adjusting To Your New Home

family moving into new homeAfter the stress of a busy move, there is no better feeling than sitting down and relaxing in your new home.

Your family photos have been hung on the walls, the pots and pans are arranged just right in the kitchen cabinets, and your children’s bedrooms are filled with all of their favorite toys.

Even though your home looks great, you may still feel unsettled.

  • For many families, moving into a new home is about much more than just unpacking the boxes, and if this holds true for you, there are plenty of things that you can do to help yourself and your children adjust to your new neighborhood!

Meet Your Neighbors

Making new friends can be one of the most difficult parts of a long distance move, so take some time to get to know your new neighbors when you first move in.

  • Invite the families on your block over for an afternoon barbecue to forge some new friendships.

Not only is this a great way to help your children make some new friends, but it is also a great opportunity for you to learn about the best shops and events in the area.

Whether you are looking to find a new yoga studio or the right grocery store, your neighbors will have plenty of insight and advice to help you out during the first weeks in your new home.

Explore the Neighborhood

One of the best ways to adjust to a big move is by getting to know your new area better.

It will be tough to feel at home without having a grocery store you love and a hairstylist you trust, so talk to your new friends for some advice and head out into your neighborhood to start exploring!

Grocery Store

A place you visit every week and know like the back of your hand, your grocery store is an integral part of your life.

  • Take some time to find a store that caters to all your needs, whether you are searching for locally grown produce, well-known brands or the lowest prices.

Once you find the right grocery store for your family, shopping will become much easier and you will truly start to feel at home in your new neighborhood.

mother and son at parkPlaygrounds, Parks and Family Activities

Especially for families with pets and young children, finding a place to play and enjoy the outdoors is a must.

  • Pack a picnic lunch and explore your local playgrounds and parks to get your children excited about their new home, and talk to your neighbors about the best area attractions for families.

Whether you visit a museum, an amusement park or a zoo, your children will love the opportunity to see these exciting new sites.


There is nothing better than having a barber or hair dresser who knows your hair and your style, and one huge struggle of moving long distance is having to find a new place to get your haircut.

Unlike with grocery stores, you can’t just go from shop to shop until you find one you like.

  • Talk to neighbors and coworkers, and check out each salon’s online review before scheduling an appointment.


Instead of just heading to the mall to shop at your staple department stores, take some time to explore local shops throughout the area.

Not only will this help you to get to know your new town better, but who knows what treasures you will stumble upon during your adventure?

Get Involved

A great way to meet new people and create a routine for yourself is to get involved in your new community. There are opportunities everywhere, so jump right in and sign yourself and your children up to participate in some sports or activities you love.

join a classJoin a Group

Just because you have moved to a new place doesn’t mean you can’t make time for your old hobbies.

Whether you love to paint, swim, do yoga or volunteer, there is sure to be a place to get involved in your new town.

  • Not only will getting back into one of your favorite activities help to boost your mood, but it will also give you an outlet for meeting new people with similar interests as you.

Become a Fan

Nothing generates pride and unity in a community more than rooting for the same sports team.

Whether it’s a nearby professional team or the local high school squad, get behind them right away. You will be welcomed with open arms and will feel good being a part of something in your new community.

  • If your children have a sport they love to play, sign them up! Joining a sports team is a great way for both them and you to make some new friends.

Say Goodbye

While moving into a new home is exciting, moving away from the place you love can be tough.

Make sure to give the people, places and things you cherish about your hometown a proper farewell, whether this means having a going-away party or one last dinner at your favorite restaurant.

  • Also, don’t forget to stay in touch! With texting, email, web cameras and the vast number of social media services now available it is easy to keep in contact with your friends, regardless of distance.

Give Yourself Some Time

Moving to a new place is exciting, but the adjustment period can be tough.

As you get used to your new home, new job and new school, make a point to make some friends and get involved in the community. With time, you will learn how to get around your new neighborhood and will get into a routine that makes you feel at home.

  • Settling into your new home can be stressful enough, getting there shouldn’t have to be too! For assistance packing up your belongings and transporting them safely from Point A to Point B, Highland Worldwide is here.

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