Helping Your Kids Adjust to a New School

Moving is tough on everyone, but it can be especially tough on kids. Usually your children don’t get a say in if, when, or where you move, and it can be easy for them to feel tossed around and forgotten about in the chaos.

One of the most challenging parts of the moving process is having your child switch schools. If they’re younger, they probably don’t understand why you’re taking them away from their friends. As you get older, it’s harder to make a place for yourself in the social groups that have been existing in a school for years.

The good news is that as a parent, there are some steps you can take to help your kids acclimate to a new school and start to feel comfortable in their new home. The first thing to do is secure the services of an experienced moving company who understands that family comes first. That way you can focus on your family’s well being and help your child thrive at their new school with our advice!

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Keep an open dialogue.

Getting used to a new school can start off as a lonely endeavor. Reassure your kids that they’re not alone by talking to them about how they feel and how they’re adjusting. Make sure they know that you’ll be there for them before and after school, and even available during school if they need you. This is a crucial transition period for you and your family, and your children need to come first.

If they’re comfortable, go with them the first day or at least give them a ride. Be receptive to their fears and concerns but do your best to keep a positive attitude, so they’ll be more likely to do the same. Don’t forget to continue to check in with them over time either—they won’t get comfortable overnight.

Show them around first.

Your child will feel a lot more prepared for their first day of school if they have an idea of what to expect! If you can arrange it, take them on a tour of their new school and even meet the teacher if it’s possible. Explore the neighborhood and your new digs to help them adjust to their new environment, and make them a little less overwhelmed with unfamiliarity. Find some cool places and activities nearby to get them excited about.

Consider hosting a housewarming party once you’ve settled into your new house a little. Invite other families in the area to give you and your kids an opportunity to make some new friends!

Encourage your child to get involved.

Joining extracurricular clubs and sports teams is an excellent way for kids to meet new people and acclimate to their new school. Be sure to encourage them to try new things, but don’t force it on them. Support whatever they’re comfortable with—eventually they’ll get there.Professional Movers in Victoria

You might also think about visiting a community center, volunteering, or looking into community teams and organizations. This is a great way for your whole family to embrace the neighborhood and introduce yourselves to new people!

Give them time.

As we mentioned before, your kids won’t adjust to a new school in a day. Nobody feels totally comfortable in any new environment until they’ve spent some time getting know and living in it! Don’t expect your kids to do what you can’t and assume they’ll adapt within a few weeks of transferring—it’s likely going to take at least a few months to really settle in.

Be understanding with your children as they get accustomed to a new school and unfamiliar community. They may be more sensitive and act out or talk back a little more as a result. Kids also sometimes falter a little when it comes to their grades, as they get used to new teaching styles, curriculum, and emotional changes. They may want to talk to you frequently about how they’re handling everything, or they might just need you to give them space. Be observant and responsive to what your child needs, as you always should anyway!

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