Rock Paper Scissors Tournament Celebrates 200th Event in Vancouver

13269121_SWe’ve all played that classic game of Rock Paper Scissors, using it to settle heated debates and other quandaries. Most people think of Rock Paper Scissors as a simple game for children, but a few friends in Vancouver have turned it into much more than that. What began as a small tournament in 2011 has since turned into a huge event that typically brings in more than 8,000 people in the Vancouver area. This isn’t certainly an event for children, as the event feels more like a battle you’d see on Game of Thrones—yes, it’s that epic!

A tournament like this showcases the ingenuity of the people living in Vancouver, which helps make the city one of the greatest cities on Earth. You can be honest with us—would you have ever guessed that a simple game like Rock Paper Scissors would draw 8,000 people to Vancouver over the years? Probably not—but thankfully, Brian Fredericks and Joel Fortin didn’t think that way—their entrepreneurial sense of fun laid the groundwork for one of Vancouver’s most enjoyable tournaments!

1489247_579129275505861_1585605446_nThe tournament started when Fredericks and Fortin got together with the manager of Corduroy Restaurant and decided the game would be a fun bar activity on Monday nights. Over the years that fun idea turned into a huge event that is become well known throughout the region and beyond. Bar games are fun, but we never expect them to be a gigantic tourist attraction—sure, a hip bar may build up some neighborhood buzz about similar activities, but rarely do you see that neighborhood buzz evolve into national buzz. When it does, it’s an invigorating whirlwind sweeping up all in its path, much like the appeal of Vancouver itself—a vortex you just want to get sucked into.

Now, group is celebrating their 200th night of Rock Paper Scissors, while also looking back on the success the tournament has seen. While the game is still played at Corduroy Restaurant every Monday night, there are now two more locations in Vancouver that it has expanded to. At this rate, Rock Paper Scissors will be played in every Vancouver bar—you won’t be able to escape it! The group also hosts private Rock, Paper, Scissors events, and they are always looking for new ways to get more people involved—private events, eh? That seems perfect for any number of gatherings!

Whether you live in the Vancouver area or you are moving there soon, this is a unique event that should not be missed. Rock Paper Scissors is a great game because it’s simple enough for anyone to play, and each participant has an equal chance at winning—good luck finding better chances at other games! When it comes to Rock Paper Scissors, everyone is on a level playing field. It’s simply an awesomely fun thing to do. Just check out the below video from the tournament.

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