Vancouver and Seattle Might Become Closer

Vancouver and Seattle Might Become CloserGovernor of Washington State, Jay Inslee, has been talking about simplifying the trip between Vancouver and Seattle for quite some time.

With Seattle being the biggest city in Washington and Vancouver being the biggest city in British Columbia, many people are looking to get between the two but the trip can be a lengthy drive.

The governor of Washington has proposed conducting a study (costing about one million dollars using the state budget) to gauge if a high-speed rail connection would be worth building between the two cities. Mark Hallenbeck, director of Washington State Transportation Centre, said “The study will examine whether an express train is technically feasible.”

The concept of building a train between the two cities has been in the works for several years now. In fact, the idea of a high-speed rail connection between Seattle and Vancouver dates back to 2010 and has been discussed further with each passing year.

The project has never been acted upon due to potential issues with finding ideal locations for lines, funding such a huge project, and then continuing to upkeep the tracks once they are built. Essentially, the cities have to know that the project will bring in enough money to cover the expense of completing the project.

Washington is currently the one conducting the study but Vancouver City Councillor, Geoff Meggs, said that “Vancouver will be watching to see what Washington comes up with.”

Rumor has it that the train could also make nine stops along the way in several other cities such as Portland, OR.

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