What’s the Deal with Tiny Houses?

Most of us grow up dreaming of one day owning a luxurious house dripping in majestic grandeur. Your house is your chance to make a statement; a physical testament to everything you’ve accomplished! But what if bigger isn’t always better?

Micro homes are becoming more and more popular as individuals search for easier, more affordable, and renewable living. Let’s dive deeper into the tiny house movement and see if you find yourself dreaming of a cozy downsize!

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What is a tiny house?

A free-standing structure of 500 square feet or less is the generally agreed upon definition of a tiny house. For comparison, the average Canadian lives in a home of 1,500 square feet or greater. Micro homes can be bought, adapted from other structures, rented, or even built with a handy DIY kit!

Why do people live in tiny homes?

The tiny house movement is just as much of a philosophy as it is a lifestyle revolution. People are turning to micro homes in an effort toward more sustainable and minimalistic living. The goal is to transform your habits, behavior, values, and mindset!

Part of the appeal for tiny homeowners is learning how to find joy in living simply. With less space and fewer possessions, you open yourself up to a new perspective on life and a greater appreciation for what you do have.

What are the advantages of tiny living?

The benefits of micro living extend to your finances, the environment, and your overall quality of life! Downsizing to a tiny home will cut your cost of living astronomically, giving you greater economic freedom to spend your money on the things and experiences you truly value.

If you’re looking for new and creative ways to diminish your carbon footprint, a tiny home will help you there too. Optimize your space and decrease your energy usage to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. You’ll also find yourself living more freely and enjoyably, without the desire for collecting meaningless objects holding you back.

If tiny living sounds like the next big step for you, Highland Worldwide is ready and willing to help! Whether you need help moving your belongings into your micro home or are looking for some middle ground with a storage unit for those things you just can’t part with yet, we’ve got what you need to make it happen.

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