Your Guide to a Successful Yard Sale

One of the first realizations you’ll come to when you decide to pick up and move to a new house is that you have a lot of stuff! If you’ve done any preliminary research, you’ll know that the moving process begins with an exhaustive purge of all your belongings.

Ideally, you’ll sort through your items thoroughly and categorize them into one of three categories—keep, donate or sell, and trash. Obviously, you’ll end up packing the “keep” pile, taking the “donate” items to a charity, and tossing the “trash” pile. So, what about the “sell” group?Professional Movers in Vancouver

Sometimes the best way to make a little extra money during a move and rid yourself of some clutter is with a good old-fashioned garage sale! Use these tips to execute a successful yard sale that puts a little money in your pocket and consolidates your belongings to make things a whole lot easier on your moving team!

Plan ahead.

Choose the right time.

Do a little research to discover the best days and times in your area to host a yard sale. Consider the patterns of the people in your neighborhood. Are you in an affluent area with mostly 9-5ers? Or does your community cater more to part-time workers who aren’t available to shop on the weekends? Commit to a date or weekend ahead of time to give yourself a deadline and streamline the moving process.

Collaborate if you can.

Check out some listings and signs in your area to see when other members of your community are planning their sales! Try to work with their events, not in competition. Having your sale during a popular time will generate more traffic flow, as shoppers typically look to hit multiple sales in one day for efficiency and convenience. If you can, reach out to your fellow hosts to plan a block sale!

Create an appealing display.

Split your items into groups.

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Your garage sale should be easy to maneuver in terms of traffic flow and shopability. Spread your belongings across multiple tables so nothing looks crowded or cluttered. Keep similar items together to make it as easy as possible for shoppers to find what they’re looking for. Nobody wants to take the time to search through boxes and piles that have been haphazardly thrown together.

Keep things clean.

Don’t put items on display that look like they’ve been pulled directly from the depths of your basement and placed on a table. Take the time to clean dingy items so that their appearance conveys their quality. Show your shoppers that your things are well-cared for and worth their money.

Make sure the price is right.

Settle on a price objectively.

You should be determining the prices of your items based on the condition they’re in, how much you paid when you bought it, and how much similar things sell for now. Keep in mind that just because something is valuable to you emotionally, doesn’t mean somebody else will be willing to pay more for it. Make sure you give everything a specific price to make things easy for your customers, and if you’re willing to negotiate, put up a sign that says so!

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Label all prices clearly.

Removable stickers are probably the easiest way for you to communicate your prices to your shoppers. Write specific prices on blank labels or use a colored dot system—stick a colored dot on each item and display a sheet with the prices listed (yellow dot items=$1, red dot items=$2, etc.) You can also encourage bulk purchases by setting a fixed price for everything on one table or in one box.

Once your sale is over and the money is counted, it’s time to bring in the professionals to box up the things you have left to be moved! Highland Van & Storage can provide you with convenient, experienced service for your relocation at an affordable price. Contact us today so we can help make your move as quick and easy as possible!